Conti 24 Hour Thunder Run 2018


I never know where to start when I begin writing a blog, just normally write the first thing that comes into my head I find is always best. The Conti 24 Hour Thunder Run is mine and Sarah’s favourite race of the year, its actually the place where we officially got together and look at us now, we are married! … Read More

Severn Valley Trail Run is a Little Bit Hilly!


severn valley trail run

The Severn Valley Trail Run is the first race we have done since the epic MK Marathon. What can I say about the Severn Valley Trail Run (5k / 10k), it’s got some good hills, I like hills but this is a hard race, very challenging with a 400m hill at the end! It is a beautiful trail race that takes … Read More

My Health & Fitness Lifestyle Journey


Health & Fitness

My Health & Fitness Lifestyle Journey sounds like a bit of an epic title to this post but it is actually very simple really. When I was young I was a thin kid, not many friends at all, maybe one or two but I was ok with that, I liked the quiet life after all. I was brought up to … Read More

MK Marathon 2018 – The Hottest Marathon I Have Ever Run!


MK Marathon The MK Marathon in Milton Keynes was our first marathon of 2018 as we didn’t get into London this year. The London marathon was hot this year approx 24 degrees but according to reports the MK Marathon was going to be even hotter and it didn’t disappoint. The reason we chose to do this particular marathon was because the route … Read More

Giving Platelets


Giving Platelets

Before I go into my experience of Giving Platelets, I firstly need to explain what they are are and how they help others. What are Platelets ? Blood is made in the bone marrow and composes of red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets. Regular blood donations which everyone knows about are referred to as whole blood donations. … Read More

How Fit Are You? The Easy Fitness Test

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fitness class

Everyone has busy lives whether it is work or play but how fit are you? Dr Michael Mosley and Professor Lorna Paul show you an Easy Fitness Test you can do at home. How long does it take you to stand up from a chair ten times? How did you get on with the Chair Test, do you want to improve … Read More