The Power Hour Fitness Class

The Power Hour is a new fun fitness class with plenty of variety. Each week is different and sessions can involve circuits, HIIT, running/power walking, balance or core work, KettleBells, and other fitness activities. To do this class you need to be ready to work in a fun and progressive way. Beginners this is an ideal time to try different class formats. You are strongly encouraged to work at your own level. Suitable for all abilities. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

What you get?

  • Fit

    You will get an all over body workout doing a variety of different workouts each week. Suitable for all abilities including beginners.

  • Fun

    You will learn lots about health and fitness with a group of people that don’t take themselves too seriously and get to workout to funky music!

  • Facebook

    You will have access to a Private FACEBOOK with updates on class info, tips and general advice.

Monday Class!

when we meet?

Every Monday
8pm - 9pm

The Power Hour

Where we meet?

Hayes Green

Heath Way, Cannock WS11 7WA

what does it Cost?


Per Session

Further Information

For further Information Call, Text, Email ([email protected])
FaceBook Messenger (
Facebook Fitness Group (

Join me every Wednesday 8pm at Burntwood Memorial Institute for the Power Hour! A fun, active workout with lots of variety to help burn off calories and achieve your goals for 2018! David

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If you think you'd like to run but think you can't... then STOP right there!! Join this group and your running ambitions will start here. I've never been a runner till now. Couldn't even run the 400 metres at school without stopping. Sarah and David are fantastic coaches, leaders, supporters and a true inspiration. They've already taken 15 non-runners and turned us into 5k runners in 8 weeks!! So, think you could never run...never say never!!! Join the next ChaseLife course, get fit, enjoy running and join a fabulous group of people!! A very happy runner!!!Charis